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PLONGAL is a smart little device that provides a BIG punch for your business. Simply plug it in, and your beacon enabled PLONGAL interfaces with your customers’ devices delivering a managed wifi platform that allows you to KEEP IN TOUCH.

How can PLONGAL add value to your customer's experience?

  • Customers appreciate free and good quality wifi that enables them to carry out product research in store.
  • Customers expect connectivity. Increasingly, people expect to have access to the internet everywhere, all the time. Delivering Open Wifi ensures your organisation meets customers expectations.
  • PLONGAL can deliver exclusive and personalised in-store promotions and special offers which benefit and engage the customer.
  • PLONGAL delivers information in real time from online sources which customers use and trust.
  • PLONGAL delivers place utility for customers, connecting the online experience with the in-store experience.

Our technology delivers a full suite of reporting and analytics tools enabling your marketing function to learn more about your customers. Key metrics such as how often, customers visit, how long do they spend in store, which marketing campaigns generate the most new clients and which customers respond to special offers can be recorded.